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Glamorous Moms Foundation Board, L to R: Ewelina Rennert, Lynette Douglas, Valerie Jens, Shannon Lazovski, Elizabeth Robbins Sabourin, Karen Roedding, Rachna Chandra

Glamorous Moms Foundation: A 501 (c)(3) Non-profit Organization Supports Women, Children, and Families.

I’ve always known my true life calling is to help others. years of blogging and supporting vulnerable communities in my spare time, I’ve decided to make the transition from “Influencer of all things fashion and beauty” to “Influencer of love, support, and community giving.” I hope that you will follow me on this journey and find it in your hearts to support my new non-profit organization, the Glamorous Moms Foundation, and our mission to honor and support women, children, and families who need our help.

GMF works to achieve quality, respectful, and comfortable relationships, events, and care for those that need love and support. We strive to serve, empower, and support women, children, and families to make meaningful change.

GMF Story

Glamorous Moms is the name of my first blog (yes the one you’re on right now) with the devotion “all moms are glamorous.” Because in fact, they truly are. The fashion and beauty blog Glamorous Moms (dot) com started simply as a hobby 16 1/2 years ago and quickly became an influential voice and a full-on business for that was built around supporting women and moms who were looking for inspiration, fashion, health, & beauty advice, and support to help keep their self-worth and self-confidence strong.

The “women supporting women” brand instantly gained a large network of community supporters. Since the brand’s birth, I’ve been able to use my platform to help and support several Michigan-based non-profit organizations as well as individuals who have suffered from addiction, homelessness, human trafficking, domestic violence & abuse, and illness. I’ve been on a mission for over a decade now to support whomever I can, and I don’t intend to slow down any time soon.

The Glamorous Moms Foundation board consists of local professional moms who are eager to give back. The organization is also grateful for loving and giving teen volunteers called Team Impact which consists of high school students from across the state of Michigan that help with our community drives, product collecting, representation and hygiene bag packing, and organizing. GMF has a strong network of friends, followers, volunteers, community partners, and fellow caregivers that support our mission to support women and children to make lasting and meaningful change where it’s needed most.

A full volunteer initiative, the GMF board consists of educators, medical professionals, PR professionals, and philanthropists, all with giving hearts, focused on helping women, children, and families. No one receives a paycheck. Not even myself, the founder and owner. Together, we will make a difference, directly from our hearts.

GMF Mission

To provide support, inspire, and build confidence in women and children in our community to enhance the quality of life, leading them to health, happiness, and safety. We are proud to support other service organizations to create a community of giving and unity. We strive to bring comfort and life necessities (education, daily needs, and monetary support) to women and children to make meaningful change.

GMF Vision

A giving and comforting community that educates strengthens, and supports moms, expectant moms, women, children, and families who need it most. We lead positive social change and deliver support to members through love, advocacy, and service.

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