Celebrating International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month with Lifestyle Brands Founded by Female Entrepreneurs

Celebrating International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month with Lifestyle Brands Founded by Female Entrepreneurs

In celebration of International Women’s History Month, I’d like to celebrate some of my favorite female-owned brands founded by amazing women. From Aerangis and skinnytees to NEOM Wellbeing, M.Gemi, and Hot Commodity Eyewear, these brands showcase true talent and innovation of female entrepreneurs!

Hot Commodity Eyewear

Hot Commodity Eyewear, founded by Shalandria McGlown offers luxury eyewear for both men and women. Shalandria McGlown knows the importance of a good fashion accessory. Especially when it comes to sunglasses and optical frames. As the owner of Hot Commodity Eyewear, McGlown is exceeding expectations and making a name for herself in the Michigan fashion community with the hottest eyewear in town. From oversized square frames to blinged-out aviators, Hot Commodity Eyewear is changing how we see eyeglasses by bringing big styles to your closet and next big event!

Kiloh & Co

Amanda Adamcheck, Founder and Owner of Kiloh & Co., (pronounced Kee-lo) started the company due to her need for a creative outlet and her thirst for chic and practical apparel. Her mission is to inspire fellow lady entrepreneurs to take action in their business and live their best life.


Founded by Linda Schlesinger-Wagner, skinnytees started with a single one-size-fits-most silhouette, the seamless camisole and has evolved into a long list of essential styles of smoothwear for women of all shapes, sizes, all colors  and ages. With more than 30 years in the fashion industry, Linda Schleswinger-Wagner also uses her platform to give back to local nonprofit organizations that support women and their children.


Alicia Tsai, AAPI Founder of Aerangis, founded the brand in 2020. She was inspired by the connection of scent and memory throughout her entire life and attended the Fashion Institute of Technology’s cosmetics and fragrance program. During her time at the Institute, she worked alongside New York’s top fragrance industry thought leaders. Her obsession with scent began when she was nine years old at her grandfather’s greenhouse and has resulted in a luxury candle brand sold at major retailers to not only relive her own cherished memories but to help others use fragrance to tell their own stories. The brand is rooted in their standards of being cruelty-free, plant-based, non-toxic, and eco-conscious from the handmade ceramic jars to the lead-free wicks.

CORE Cycle.Fitness.Lagree

Denise Chakoian, owner and founder of CORE Cycle.Fitness.Lagree, Certified Personal Trainer, Cancer Exercise Specialist, and Boutique Fitness Consultant – Denise has worked in the fitness industry for 30 years and some of her certifications include Step Reebok, Mad Dogg Athletics, Keiser Indoor Cycling, Resist-a-ball, Indo-Row, Lagree, NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine), and additional strength and conditioning organizations. Denise opened CORE-Center of Real Energy LLC in 2006 and pursued her dream of fitness after working in a corporate setting in Boston for 15 plus years.


Astouri, founded and owned by Christina Liedtke is an artistically curated, multifunctional, travel-friendly women’s ready-to-wear brand. Christina has an eye for curating beautiful city scape garments with exquisite fit and drape. Sha has 20 years of experience in fashion design and also in corporate strategy in the beauty and fashion industries.  Christina understands the importance of making women feel beautiful and complimented in their apparel and strives offer one-of-a-kind pieces that women feel good about themselves.

Design Insider

Design Insider, founded by Amanda Wyatt, a self-taught interior designer with a passion for demystifying the world of design. She created Design Insider as a beacon of inspiration and guidance for design enthusiasts at every level. With drive and a firm belief in the power of creativity, Amanda’s platform empowers individuals to embrace their unique design instincts and create spaces that reflect their true vision. Through her company, AmandAa invites aspiring designers and DIY enthusiasts to join a supportive community where creativity knows no bounds.

Downey Street Events

Downey Street Events was founded by Lauren Geissler and Emily de Ayora during their time at Stanford Law School. During Lauren’s wedding in 2008, they both discovered their passion for event planning. Today, under CEO and luxury event planner Kelsey Connely’s leadership, Downey Street Events is recognized as one of California’s top wedding and event planning and design firms. The company is known for stylish and timeless design. The two serve a diverse list of clientele, including tech VPs, artists, startup founders, doctors, musicians, and lawyers, creating flawlessly planned weddings throughout California and beyond.

Ashley Gold

Ashley Gold is a name you may recognize from the hit TV show, Hard Core Pawn. Gold starred in the show along with her father and brother. The show focused on their family pawnshop, American Jewelry Loan on Greenfield in Detroit. After years of working with her family, Gold decided to venture out on her own to start her own business called Pawn Chick Shopping now known as AshleyGold.com. She is a leader in the world of fashionable jewelry, the winner of Detroit Garment Group’s Verge Pitch competition and an entrepreneur who loves accessorizing celebrities and local jewelry lovers with up-to-date sparkling jewelry.


M.Gemi is an online shoe brand that offers handmade Italian shoes and accessories made with high-quality leathers. The company was founded in 2014 by Maria Gangemi who was passionate about bringing high-quality Italian craftsmanship to the world.

NEOM Wellbeing

Nicola Elliott is the Founder of NEOM – a British wellbeing brand that started in 2005 and utilizes 100% natural essential oils to help boost your wellbeing. After decades of working as a journalist, Nicola really started to feel the effects of a fast-paced life – poor sleep, increased stress and low energy and mood. It was this journey that kickstarted her own wellbeing journey and led her to create therapeutic blends using pure and 100% natural essential oils from her own kitchen.

Velvet Caviar

Velvet Caviar was founded by Michelle Aran in 2014. Built from the ground up out of Brooklyn, New York, Michelle is dominating a male-centric industry by creating accessories for smartphones, iPads, laptops and more. Shortly after launching in 2014, the brand became a viral sensation on TikTok with their unique designs appealing to a Gen Z audience.

Photos – Hot Commodity Eyewear

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