Rebel Girl Causes a Hot Mess at Fashion in Detroit

Saturday, October 23, 2010, Fashion in Detroit had a nice surprise in the audience at Motor City Casino’s Soundboard.  Rebel Girl designer, Cher Bell and Rebel Girl model, Michelle Fionda, (whom we all know from the website) were the bells of the ball on day two of the two-day fashion extravaganza.

Fionda wore Bell’s design, a fabulous buttercream corset accented with eyelet closures, scooped chains, and a belted waist. She looked so close to perfect she should have been on the runway herself. Photographers from every hot magazine in town took photos of Fionda in between shows while designer Bell spoke about her brand to members of the press.

Even though local press members and fashionistas are just learning of this feminine motorcycle brand, designer Cher Bell has been in the business for over ten years, and designing such great stuff isn’t new news to her. Bell named her brand in honor of her granddaughter and strives to work for, and connect with, independent women who aren’t afraid to be “strong….mind, body and soul”.

With a brand that’s suited best for the strong woman as well as one who feels sexy in leather and beaded T’s, it’s no question why the Rebel Girl brand is getting so much attention. Rebel Girl carries comfortably fit long sleeve and short sleeve t-shirts, leather motorcycle jackets, and hot corsets ready to set your mate on fire.

Congrats to the Rebel Girl’s for causing such a hot mess at Fashion in Detroit and beyond! 

Rebel Girl apparel and accessories can be purchased at

Photo –  Michelle Fionda wearing a Rebel Girl Butter Cream Corset at Fashion in Detroit. Photo by Tatijana Kunik

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