9 Important Tips When Going Social

As you know, here at The Lazov Agency we preach, social, social, social. Or maybe it’s more like, get social, get social, get social.  There are some significant advantages marketers, both big and small, can benefit from when going social. To keep the preaching going, here are a few tips to keep in mind.

1. Remember, automation, and real-time are not mutually unique. Create a collection of brand photos and put them together with current, up-to-date, real-time engagement.  This must be done daily and always done during specific brand events. If the business or brand has something going on or is sponsoring a local event, ALL social media channels should show consistency about the event.

2. Global marketing campaigns are as good as their teams. This easily correlates to #1 above.  If your organization is having too much fun at the event and not sharing socially, then your event will go nowhere, and your audience will never hear about it. Don’t let the team lose track of their bottom line, an event with no followers or visitors is as good as dead.

4. Appoint social duties to employees.  Don’t buy followers and don’t just rely on your “social media” team put in place.  I recommend relying on your employees for positive exposure as well. If each employee shared brand events and products to their 200, 600, or 1200 “friends,” think of the organic outreach and organic success that can be achieved.

5. Do Something. Don’t waste time thinking and planning the “perfect” campaign, tweet, or post.  For the most part, social media feeds are live, and if you’re wasting hours or even days to plan one tweet, you’ve missed hundreds of conversations and most certainly have missed significant exposure.  Tweet, post, and share videos when you can, outside of what’s on your editorial calendar.  Learn your audience, learn the times of day your shares gain heightened exposure.  Learn what your audience likes and dislikes.  Don’t just sit and observe behind the scenes, “do something” about your need for gaining brand exposure.

6. Be more giving. Social isn’t supposed to be about “me, me, me” (I’m talking brands of course). A giving and caring brand on social media are more likely to gain followers and hopefully, clients. Earning the trust and maintaining relationships is vital.  A company will never survive without these two main ingredients. Don’t be afraid to show your support for others, their products, and their community involvement.

8. Make sure the mobile version of your site loads fast and up-to-date. It’s known that mobile is taking over the traditional desktop when it comes to clients researching businesses and making purchases. Mobile is probably close to half of your traffic, so it’s pretty essential to make sure your mobile pages are on the up and up.

9. Keep your enemies close. – You may not enjoy what your enemies are doing on social media, but it’s still imperative to know how and why they are bashing your brand’s reputation.  Always keep your enemies close, never respond in a negative way, and always take the opportunity to make your online customers happy with positive and professional intent.  You certainly can’t please everyone, but you can try and you can at last stay informed so you can steer your digital ship in the right direction.

Shannon Lazovski is known to be Michigan’s first professional fashion blogger with two decades of professional blogging and influencer experience representing and creating content for brands in the fashion, beauty, and luxury travel sectors. Shannon is also the Founder and Senior Fashion & Beauty Editor of Detroit Fashion News and the Owner & Senior Editor of the parenting blog Detroit Mommies. Shannon is also known for her local philanthropic efforts and enjoys serving the community via her nonprofit organization, Glamorous Moms Foundation, a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization focusing on helping women, children, and families in need. In 2019, Shannon launched her professional-grade lipstick line, Glameselle Beauty, a vegan, cruelty-free lip brand that offers lip products named after Michigan women who inspire. Shannon has been seen on Fox 2 Detroit, WXYZ-TV Channel 7, CBS Detroit, TV20 Detroit, WDIV Local 4 Detroit, IGTV, and seen in Styleline Magazine, Metro Parent Magazine, Dedicated Magazine, Downtown Magazine, Greater Rochester Living and numerous local blogs and online publications.