Pack Like a Professional Traveler

Pack Like a Professional Traveler

As a travel blogger and a working mom who loves to travel with family and work, I have to admit, I’ve got packing down to a science.  Whether you’re jetting off for a family-friendly vacation or a day of networking and meetings in a new city it’s important to pack the items you’re going to need to get by as well as a couple of items that will make you feel more comfortable.

What do I mean? Check out these packing tips and make them work for you.  This advice will help packing go much smoother for you and you’ll feel better about frequent travel.

How to Pack Like a Professional Traveler:

Remember to pack your favorites. If you’re used to a night time beauty regimen, pack your skincare products all together in one beauty bag to make sure your nightly routine isn’t interrupted. When traveling, its best to take care of yourself and for you, if it means sticking to your normal schedule and taking care of your skin (like I do), then by all means, pack each item necessary. Also, don’t forget items that keep you comfortable like slippers, a robe (if you don’t like to use the hotel’s robe), ear buds or headphones, curling iron or straightener, travel clothing steamer, reading material and travel size protein shakes and travel bullet/mixer.

Make the bag space work for you. When packing, lay dresses and clothes flat on top of each other (some like to roll, I Iike to lay flat) and fill the sides, top and bottom of the suitcase with socks, underwear, bathing suits, flats and an umbrella so as not to waste space. Put your heaviest items like big shoes, boots and heels on the other side which will help manage the weight of your bag. Be sure to pack what you need for the plane in a small carry on or your personal bag so the items are ready to use and easy to find.

Take away items.  Almost every single time, I over pack the first go around. Double checking and taking items away after my first try at packing is very helpful.  Usually, I pack everything I need to the rim of the suitcase and then I think it through for a day or two and take items away that I may not need.  My problem?  I pack 12 dresses for a 4 day weekend so yes, I typically will take 4-5 out after going over my itinerary and planning the trip out. The first try makes me feel comfortable and ready.  The last edit makes sure I’m not over packing and I’m packing exactly what I need. How do I do this? I leave the opened suitcase on the floor of my walk-in closet or my room for a day or two before take off. This allows me to take my time and take out items that I need to from either side, last minute.

Add to your carry on. Sometimes, your travel schedule can be taken over by delayed or canceled flights. Also, you never know when your carry-on suitcase might be gate-checked so always pack essential items and valuables in your personal bag. Make sure you pack medications, jewelry, a change of clothes, a bathing suit, a pair of flats if you travel in heels (yes, I do), and electronics into the personal bag you plan on carrying on the plane. I also love to travel with a kimono, a sweater, or a wrap for the plane.  It’s a nice way of being fashionable as well as warm and comfortable if the plane ride is too cold.

Shannon Lazovski is known to be Michigan’s first professional fashion blogger with two decades of professional blogging and influencer experience representing and creating content for brands in the fashion, beauty, and luxury travel sectors. Shannon is also the Founder and Senior Fashion & Beauty Editor of Detroit Fashion News and the Owner & Senior Editor of the parenting blog Detroit Mommies. Shannon is also known for her local philanthropic efforts and enjoys serving the community via her nonprofit organization, Glamorous Moms Foundation, a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization focusing on helping women, children, and families in need. In 2019, Shannon launched her professional-grade lipstick line, Glameselle Beauty, a vegan, cruelty-free lip brand that offers lip products named after Michigan women who inspire. Shannon has been seen on Fox 2 Detroit, WXYZ-TV Channel 7, CBS Detroit, TV20 Detroit, WDIV Local 4 Detroit, IGTV, and seen in Styleline Magazine, Metro Parent Magazine, Dedicated Magazine, Downtown Magazine, Greater Rochester Living and numerous local blogs and online publications.