Top 10 Beaches of Oahu

Visit the Top 10 Beaches of Oahu and Be Prepared to Fall in Love

Ahhhhh, Oahu! My favorite place in the world. My center is always found here. All the key characteristics of my root chakra are found here. The ocean air is divine, and the sun feeds my soul. There is no place like Oahu.

There is so much to experience and so much to see in Oahu including the many beautiful beaches that offer nature’s real beauty, sealife, sunshine, and sand for the toes. Here are my favorite top ten beaches on the island. Please visit them if you can and enjoy!

1. Lanikai Beach – Located in the town of Kailua on the Windward side of the island, Lanikai Beach is one of the most famous beaches of Hawaii. There is an offshore reef that keeps the water calm. The blue color will swoon you, and it’s safe for swimming. Water sports available on the beach include windsurfing, sailing, and snorkeling.

2. Waikiki Beach – One of the most famous beaches in the world, Waikiki Beach is nestled on the south shore of Oahu, Hawaii. The beach offers great swimming and amazing views of Diamond Head.

3. Sunset Beach – Located on the North Shore of Oahu, Sunset Beach attracts the best surfers in the world. Popular for both vacationers and locals, people visit Sunset Beach for the crystal-clear waters, the sunshine, and the amazing waves to surf. This beach is also perfect for swimming and snorkeling. Caution: the conditions are not suitable for inexperienced swimmers during the Winter months because of large waves created by the season’s higher winds. At times, the waves can reach 15 to 20 feet in height.

4. Kailua Beach – Kailua Beach is located just a 30-minute drive from Honolulu and an hour and a 10-minute drive from the North Shore. It’s located on Oahu’s Windward side and features a 30-acre public park.  This beautiful sandy beach offers water activities such as snorkeling, windsurfing, sailing, swimming, and diving.

5. Waimea Bay – Waimea Bay is famous for its huge waves that you can see every year from October to April. Please pay attention to the wave strength and height. Professional surfers come here to catch the 25-foot waves. The surfing conditions are so good; the Vans Triple Crown Surfing competition is held here every year. The bay is located on the windy North Shore of Oahu, and it’s a perfect place for having a picnic and sunbathing. Swimming in the bay is only ideal in the Summer.

6. Sandy Beach – One of the most popular beaches for body boarding and surfing due to its great waves and close shore break, Sandy Beach is located on the southeast section of Oahu and offers a 1,200-foot long stretch of golden sand. It’s also perfect for long walks and flying kites. This is another surfer spot.  Be careful with the strong waves.  Most of the time, inexperienced swimmers will just sit and watch the pros in the water.

7. Ala Moana Beach Park – Ala Moana Beach is a human-made beach located between downtown Honolulu and Waikiki. It attracts mostly locals but is beautiful for everyone. The Beach Park was created 60 years ago and offers a half-mile-long piece of tropical paradise and is protected by an outer reef, which means the waters are calm and ideal for swimming and paddle boarding.

8. Makapu’u Beach Park- Makapu’u Beach Park is quite popular among body surfers, and it can be dangerous due to strong currents for swimming during both Summer and Winter seasons.  This location is still a “must-see” because the beach is surrounded by a black mountain which makes it one of the most picturesque spots in Hawaii.

9. Hanauma Bay – This spot offers the best snorkeling in Oahu. The location is set inside a nature preserve, so those over the age of 13 and non-residents of Hawaii will have to pay a small fee to enter. Here, you’ll see the most fish and the most diverse types of fish.

10. Shark’s Cove – Best place to snorkel by far! Plan on wading in the tide pools and enjoying the beautiful views. You’ll be able to see lots of fish, sea urchins, crabs etc… Be sure to bring sunscreen and check out Three Table Beach right next door while you’re there. Water shoes are a must due to sharp rocks and coral. This is definitely a location you need to visit!

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