How To Be Confident In Your Own Style

How To Be Confident In Your Own Style

We all have our own style but sometimes social settings and members of society have a way of shaping our confidence or lack thereof when it comes to expressing our own style and personal fashion choices. If you’re sick of dressing for everyone else and would like to express yourself through fashion and personal style, by all means, do it! We are only granted one life. Why not enjoy it by being yourself and wearing what your heart desires?

Here are a few helpful tips on how to be confident in your own style:

  1. Acknowledge How Powerful Your Tribe Can Be

Are you a denim girl? Heels girl? Do you have to wear makeup every day because you love it that much? Perfect! Go with it! People are always going to have something to say, so don’t worry about what others might think. Having supportive friends around you will help you flourish in your own style. They shouldn’t inhibit your style. Want to wear mascara to the gym? Want to wear a dress every day? Go ahead and do what makes YOU feel good about yourself and what makes YOU feel comfortable. The key is, if you surround yourself with a tribe that love you for who you are, your self-confidence will soar and so will your personal style.

2. Acknowledge Your Style

As mentioned above… if you’re a heels girl, wear heels. If you’re a “makeup everywhere you go” girl, then wear makeup. Keep in mind the social events and activities you are attending and take in the safety and fashion requirements for each. Set yourself up to win and not fail when it comes to acknowledging your own style for each situation. For example, heels and wedges don’t belong on your feet during a mountain hike in Hawaii. You could hurt yourself and ruin the experience. Do wear a shoe that represents your style and allows you the safety, confidence, and strength to conquer that hike! Another example, does the Auto Show preview call for evening gowns? Wear your favorite color and style of gown. There’s nothing like walking into the room with confidence in what you’re wearing and how it makes you feel!

3. Accept Who You Were and Who You Are Now

Listen, we’ve all had that weird stage growing up. I never had braces or glasses but I did go through the lanky arm/long leg stage and I did start perming my hair at a very early age. My hair became fried and not so pretty. The 90’s perms killed my hair and it took my entire high school career to try to get it back. And, guess what, I own it and what I went through then made me who I am today. I learned a ton about hair color, hair products, and color formulas (without being a stylist). That knowledge helps me choose the right products today and allows me to promote good products for all of you!

I recently (a few months ago) had another female grown-up make fun of me on social media because “I don’t look the same as I did in high school”. I didn’t know that was a thing. What grown, professional, working mom cares whether or not they look the same as they did in high school? She compared headshots so clearly she wasn’t talking about my after baby curves. She was making fun of my hair, face, etc. Which makes no sense. We should be proud of our journey. We are all who we are today because of our past. I’m actually proud of who I am and what I look like now and I encourage you to be proud of yourself too! Especially, if you are doing whatever you can to make yourself look and feel happy.

4. Listen To Your Spirit Calling

The entire purpose behind this post is to encourage you to wear what your heart and spirit desires. Gone are the days where you’re holding your baby while wearing sweats with hair in a bun, wishing you could dress more like the neighbor next door who always seems to look great. You can. In fact, dress how you really want to dress. That will be better. You’re probably not admiring her clothes. You’re probably admiring her overall style and togetherness. You too can be well put together and have great style. It’s in you.

5. Shop Alone For Special Occasions

Shopping with friends and family members can be fun but sometimes it can be stressful. If you have an important event that requires a new outfit or dress, companions can hinder you from choosing what your heart truly desires. Shopping alone will give you the opportunity to purchase exactly what you want.

6. Know Your Colors

No, this isn’t kindergarten where you have to “know your colors”… I mean know YOUR colors. What colors make you feel great? What colors compliment your skin tone, hair, and personality. The right color choice can boost your confidence too! Also, be sure to know which colors are wrong for you. The wrong colors can make you look tired and skin drab. Once you choose what looks best on you, wear those colors more often and wear one of them during your next special occasion. Color has a lot to do with your moods and self-confidence.

The most important thing when it comes to self-confidence in relation to fashion is wearing what makes you feel great. Period. Do it for yourself. You’re worth it! I hope this advice helps! Do you have a favorite trend or hairstyle? Maybe a great outfit that makes you feel like a superstar? Share on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and tag me @glamorousmoms. I’d love to applaud you and talk fashion with you!

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