How To Be More Stylish & Fashion Confident

How To Be More Stylish & Fashion Confident

Are you interested in stepping up your style game for 2020? If you answered yes, then you’ve come to the right place. If you’re someone who continuously wears the same thing, buys whatever is on the rack reactively or skips out on special occasions because the dress requirements intimidate you, then we need to talk!

First thing’s first. You are a beautiful, glorious woman and your inner light needs to shine wherever you go. How you feel about yourself from the inside will determine whether or not you shine on the outside and the way we dress plays a huge role in achieving this.

I’ve put together some great fashion advice for you below on how to be more stylish & fashion confident. Making the right fashion choices for your figure and age will help you feel more confident in terms of personal style. If you’ve lost your personal style and fashion confidence or if you have both (kudos to you) and just want to step it up, read on to gain knowledge on how to be a more stylish, confident you!

How To Be More Stylish & Fashion Confident

1. Write Down Your Favorite Things To Wear

For those of you who head to the mall and hope that the perfect item jumps out at you, you might be let down. Many women today are lost when it comes to current trends and which one of those trends work for their body type. Do your homework and read up on the latest trends and well-known classics for your shape. Then, take some time to reflect and solidify the look, colors, and style of those items that you love to wear. Write them down. If you like skinny jeans and feel great in them, write it down. If you love to wear a well-made pencil skirt, write it down. If you’ve always wanted pearls, write it down. After your list is made, take it with you on your next shopping trip. Stick to the items you know will look good on you. Once you do this, you’ll feel more confident about what you choose to buy.

2. Buy Garments That Fit

If you’re shopping and fall in love with a garment that is your favorite color or cut, but it just doesn’t fit quite right, do not buy it. We are all guilty of buying something and then telling ourselves, “I can wear this when I lose weight.” Or, “I’ll just buy this in case I can’t find anything else”. So, yes, your intentions are good, but you’re really not doing yourself any favors. That garment in the closet isn’t something that is helping you be more confident and stylish now if you want to lose weight to wear it later. And, if you need an item to wear to an upcoming event, buy something that fits correctly and something that you will enjoy wearing! If you can never wear it, what good is it? And, if you hate the dress or slacks in the closet but wear one of them to an event anyway, you’ll feel insecure, uncomfortable, or will worry about it the fit (or lack thereof) all day. If this is the case, your inner light won’t shine, and people may see a crabby, unhappy, or a more anti-social you instead.

3. Have Fun With Layers

This is a good rule for colder seasons to make sure you are warm and have all the right clothing items on your body to keep the chill-out. But, it’s also a good rule for the multi-tasker in you. If you have special plans after work, wear layers that are appropriate for the workplace, but that can also be worn differently for the evening without having to stress over changing. For example, a grey or black twill jumpsuit worn with a fuschia cardigan makes a stylish business casual outfit. After 5 o’clock, the cardigan can be draped over your shoulders and tied in front or can quickly be taken off, giving you a completely different look for evening and making you in a jumpsuit the star of the evening.

4. Spend on Classics, Be Careful With Trends

If a trend is announced as the next best thing to wear, it doesn’t mean everyone has to wear it. And, in my opinion, not every trend is made for every body type. So, be careful — for example, skinny jeans. I’ll just let you think about that one. But honestly, your wardrobe will last longer and will be more acceptable in any setting if its full of classic pieces. Trends come and go, but classic, well-made clothing will last a long time.

5. Purge Your Closet

If you’re stuck wearing the same thing and feel bored with your wardrobe, that will reflect in your attitude as you walk out the door. Take some time to purge old worn-out clothes that don’t suit you anymore. Afterward, go shopping and buy some new colors and new up-to-date styles. The next time you get dressed, you’ll feel happier and more excited to share your style with the world.

6. Attend a Local Fashion Show

Many times we get “stuck,” as mentioned above. If this is the case, get out of your fashion rut and head to a local fashion event/show to get inspired! What’s on the runway will not only teach you the latest trends but will inspire you to become more stylish as well! Remember, who and what we surround ourselves with on a daily basis shapes how we act, react, and dress. Be sure to surround yourself with events and individuals that encourage you to be the best fashionable you possible. Fill yourself with fashion knowledge so you can use that knowledge to feel better about shopping and dressing.

7. Shop a New Designer Or Clothing Store

Sometimes you have to switch it up! New stores and new designers that generally aren’t on your radar can open your heart and mind to the latest fashion trends, concepts, and stylish ways. Each time you shop, try a new place to wake up those senses. Ask the store owner or clerk to show you their best sellers and their latest shipment of items. This will keep you in the know on the latest, and you just might find some great pieces while you’re at it!

8. Dress Your Age

Dressing your age is a rule I use seriously but lightly. Sounds confusing, right? I always encourage my friends and readers to dress in what makes them feel good but within reason. Having great style is all about wearing classic pieces and trends in a way that reflects your personality, body type, and age best. For example, dressing super sexy showing cleavage and lots of leg to a very conservative event isn’t always the best option. If you’re in your teens or early twenties and try to look older by doing this, this is an epic fail. We all should know by now, showing off our goods doesn’t make us look older. If you’re in your 50’s or 60’s, I don’t recommend following the “show your midriff” trend when you wear your next gala gown. This typically is a fashionable look for high school dances. It may be a trend you’ve seen, but it may not be the best trend for you. Pay attention to what different age groups are wearing what. You’ll see specific trends that can be worn by any age, like the suede ankle boot trend. Other trends maybe only for certain ages, such as the satin bodysuit with jeans trend that is normally worn by high school and college gals heading to a concert.

9. Be Real With Yourself

Learn to love yourself just the way you are. If you’re a size 10, then accept it and buy size ten clothing. If you purchase the right size, you won’t have to tug on your clothes all day or witness a new muffin top/skin roll you didn’t see there yesterday. If clothes are too big, most women see that reflection in the mirror and think badly about themselves when the garment is making them look bigger than they are. Who wants that?! If clothes are too tight such as a pair of jeans, the strict denim will create rolls in the stomach and hips, making a woman feel uncomfortable all day, not to mention insecure about her weight with this newfound roll the garment is creating. Wearing your size is the perfect way to dress. You’ll look better, feel more comfortable, and will love yourself more.

10. Stick To What Looks Good On You

If sheath dresses are your thing and you rock them like no tomorrow, fill that closet up with sheath dresses of every color! If you can wear jeans better than any other garment, be sure to wear them often and strut your stuff! Also, if you have favorite colors, purchase items in the colors that you love most on yourself. One rule to follow here is to make sure the colors you choose don’t wash you out. They must complement your skin tone and hair color. Once you’ve decided on what looks great on you and what colors make you shine, stick to these personal favorites and fill your closet up with them! If you like what’s in your closet, you’ll feel more excited about getting dressed, and your personal style will shine through.

There you have it, my ten best pieces of advice on how to be stylish and fashion confident. If you have questions or are looking for more fashion advice, feel free to leave a comment below or reach out to me on Instagram @glamorousmoms. More fashion advice and fashion trends can be found @DetFashionNews.

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