GirlTalk! with Wedding Accessories Designer Ariel Taub

GirlTalk! with Wedding Accessories Designer Ariel Taub

A chat about weddings, gowns, veils, and accessories to remember.

Ariel Taub is a bridal accessories designer here in Michigan that is known for her unique handmade veils and glamorous crystal work. A once wedding gown designer turned accessories designer, Taub is making a name for herself by making brides beautiful on their special day with pieces and accessories that a bride cannot live without.

I’ve known Ariel for years and have watched her flourish, even during her brand’s transition in the fashion business, and thought it would be fun to share with you all what she’s been up to. Her drive and motivation is definitely inspiring to female designers and entrepreneurs and her talent leaves you begging for more (especially if you love things that sparkle)! Read on and enjoy my exclusive GirlTalk! interview with Ariel Taub.


GirlTalk! with Ariel Taub

Shannon: Ariel, I’m so glad we are sitting down to chat about what you’ve been up to these days! When did we first meet? Was it in 2010 or 2011? We’ve been supporting each other for so long! When we first met, I was in awe of your motivation and talent behind creating your beautiful wedding gowns.

Ariel: Haha, yes, 2011, that’s right! It seems so long ago!

Shannon: It does! Tell me, how did you start creating wedding gowns and where did you get your inspiration from?

Ariel: I went to graduate school at Parson’s in New York and I knew I wanted to do high fashion and art and I just fell into bridal. Bridal was a great way to create a theatrical type of garment that people would actually wear. So, I really enjoyed doing that and I got the opportunity to work for a local store after I graduated doing custom gowns. I then got the opportunity to do Detroit Fashion Week and that’s when I first launched the gown line. The inspiration behind that line was to create something a little bit different with a texture that had a fairytale feeling that made a bride feel good on her wedding day.

Shannon: Where did you find your inspiration for creating fairy tale type gowns?

Ariel: To this day, I’ve always been inspired by the materials. I also do reverse inspiration and look at magazines and photos of what everyone else is doing and I try not to do that. I’ve always liked not doing the norm and thinking outside of the box. I believe that first collection was actually inspired by the wings on birds. It had all the different layers and textures and it had my signature sparkle. I wanted to create something airy and light.

Shannon: Ok, and now you no longer make wedding gowns is that right?

Ariel: I do not.

Shannon: Share with me what you are creating now and what your business entails now.

Ariel: I was always doing veils on the side as I was doing dresses but I always thought it was one of those businesses you couldn’t be creative in so that’s kind of why I was not leaning towards just doing veils. And, I got the opportunity to work with a local boutique and they loved that I had done something different with veils. In working with them for a couple of years, I realized there is a market to be creative, just no one really stepped out of the boundaries from standard veils. From there, I ended up launching a veil line and ended up falling in love with it, realized I found a niche in the market and from there I decided, “This is what I’m truly passionate about”. I love that I can be creative with these accessories and this is what I was meant to do. So, I launched the brand with them from 2010 – 2013 and in 2013, I tested the market for a while and got great responses from brides. I then launched Ariel Taub and haven’t looked back ever since.

Shannon: The wedding dress design business is very competitive but that’s obviously where you started yet you didn’t give up. You kept your inspiration and tailored & steered your drive & talent to a really great niche that no one else was solely doing in Michigan. That’s pretty great.

Ariel: Correct! Yes! And, really anywhere. So it was a really great opportunity and I just loved doing it. You know, its fun designing the piece that people normally don’t think about. When I went to school for fashion, I thought I had to do the garment and not the accessories. But realizing that people loved the accessories so much and it took off like crazy, I realized that this is the direction I need to go in.

Shannon: That is truly great. So tell us, what accessories are you now making for brides.

Ariel: I started out doing veils but I’ve expanded over the years so I also do belts, hairpieces, garters, jewelry, and clutches. Everything but the dress and the shoes.

Shannon: So really, the line is not just for the bride. It’s for bridesmaids, mothers-of-the-brides, sisters, etc.

Ariel: Yes, and for every day too! I’m starting to branch out of bridal a little bit and move into evening wear. The clutches are great for a night on the town, a fashion show, etc. And, the jewelry you can wear from day to night.


Shannon: What inspired you to be a designer?

Ariel: I have always known I wanted to do something in design as a kid. I have a lot of artists in my family. My mom grew up drawing and both of my uncles were artists so art is in my blood. My favorite toy was Barbie stencils. I sketched all the time. I studied as much as I could growing up, I took classes at CCS in high school and learned how to sew at age 13 and always knew I wanted to do it. I studied as much as I could on the side growing up. For undergrad, I went to U of M. I studied abroad in London at Central St. Martins for a Summer and then when I graduated I went to Parson’s for graduate school.

Shannon: What is your favorite item to create?

Ariel: That is a tough question. I have to say the clutches and veils. I love playing with the crystals and seeing what I can do with the Swarovski crystals.

Shannon: What type of trends are you seeing this year for 2020 weddings?

Ariel: Definitely pearl. I’m seeing a lot of brides going back to pearl but in more of a modern, glamorous way. I’m also noticing brides are going back to the glam look a little bit and are leaving the boho look behind which has been a huge trend for a really long time.

Shannon: What are the current veil trends?

Ariel: The most popular are my horsehair veils which incorporate crystal work in them. Brides love their horsehair veils. It gives a really nice structure to the design of the veil. My most popular veil, which I came out with a pearl version this season, is called the Dream Veil. Pretty much all of my retailers carry it because it’s their number one seller. Its a two-tiered circular-cut cathedral veil. There’s no gathering so it’s really light and airy and there is a cluster of crystals at the top of the veil and when you flip it over, it’s double-sided. The crystals sparkle on both sides of the blusher. It fades to a light crystal pattern on the bottom so I call it a reverse ombre crystal veil.


Shannon: For the 2020 brides, what type of veil do you recommend?

Ariel: Really, it depends on your style of dress. Your veil needs to compliment your dress but it does not necessarily have to match it. I always tell brides, “Stay true to who you are”. There is no right or wrong veil. It’s what’s right for you.

Shannon: How does one purchase your veils, jewelry, and clutches?

Ariel: Some clutches and jewelry can be purchased on our eCommerce site We will be launching the full collection later this year that can be purchased online but currently, I have over twenty stores that currently carry the collection. There are about six stores in Michigan.

Shannon: Which Michigan retail locations carry your veils and products?

Ariel: L’Amour Bridal in Farmington Hills, The Dress Shop in Howell, Bianka Bridal in Grand Rapids, Beautiful Bridal in Detroit, The Wedding Shoppe in Berkley, Roma Sposa in Birmingham and Crowning Glory in Rochester, Lindsey’s Kloset in West Bloomfield. All Michigan locations and nationwide locations are listed on our website. I am in Italy, Canada, and China too!

Shannon: Wow, and all of your products are made here? As in Made in Michigan?

Ariel: Everything from start to finish is made right here (referring to her Michigan studio). Everyone has been trained by me and all packages are shipped out of here.

Shannon: Thank you, Ariel! I enjoyed chatting with you in your beautiful studio (as I’m surrounded by beautiful veils and sparkling accessories)!

Ariel: Thank you, Shannon! This was so nice!

One more fun fact? All of Ariel’s products have a tiny hidden something blue for brides that carry the tradition of “something old, something blue”. If you would like to follow Ariel Taub on social media, she can be found @arieltaub_accessories on Instagram and Facebook and @arieltaubbridal on Twitter. To visit her website go to Want to watch our IGTV interview? Click HERE and enjoy!

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