Top 5 Best Sunscreens

5 Best Reviewed Sunscreens

We can finally say goodbye to the Winter blues as the sunny days have finally arrived but are you buying the right products to protect your skin from the suns harmful rays? recently reviewed several sunscreens on the market and have listed their top 5 favorites based on consumer purchases and reviews as most effective. Having fun in the sun is important for the whole family, so we recommend carrying one of these great products with you at all times to ensure you and your family stay safe and healthy under the sun.

Top 5 Best Reviewed Sunscreens

  1. Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry – Touch Sunblock SPF 30 –  Voted as the best sunscreen overall, this product contains avobenzone and oxybenzone protecting you from short and long-wave UVA rays. It’s water-resistant, lightweight, and non-greasy. $10 for 3 oz.
  2. No-Ad Sunblock Lotion SPF 45 – Voted as the best cheap sunscreen, this lotion gives more sunscreen for their money.  If you’re on a budget, this lotion will still work the same as the Neutrogena but will save you money at the same time.  No-Ad Sunblock SPF 45 gives you a broad spectrum of protection and is water-resistant. $8 for 16 oz.
  3. Blue Lizard Sunscreen Sensitive SPF 30 – Voted as best baby sunscreen – Blue Lizard Sunscreen is gentle and fragrance-free contains zinc oxide and titanium oxide, two key ingredients to protecting your child’s sensitive skin.  The bottle or tube cap will change color in ultraviolet light as a parental reminder that sunscreen is necessary. $15 for 5 oz.
  4. Banana Boat Sport Performance Broad Spectrum Sunscreen SPF 100 – Voted best Sport formula, this Banana Boat product is known for staying put and not running into the eyes or exiting the skin during sweaty moments. This lotion contains antioxidants and water-resistant.  It is also known for lasting up to 80 hours in the water. $12 for 4 oz.
  5. Badger SPF 30 for Face and Body – Voted best natural sunscreen, Badger SPF 30 for Face and Body contains certified organic ingredients providing adequate UVA/UVB protection. This product is known to be safe for the skin with all-natural ingredients, including the mineral zinc oxide,  and safe for sensitive skin. $15 for 2.9 oz.

Be sure to visit for more product details and a list of pros and cons for these products.  Our beauty tip this week is to protect your skin with a sunscreen that best suits your skin, health, and lifestyle!

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