Diff Eyewear: Charitable Designer Eyewear

I’m excited to share, I have been accepted as a Diff Eyewear Ambassador and will be happily promoting their fun and vibrant sunglasses from here on out.  Why do I love Diff?  Well, if you’re an avid reader of Glamorous Moms and you follow me on social media than you know I have a vast philanthropic heart and I always support organizations who give back. Diff is a charitable business where every pair of Diff sunglasses sold; the company will donate one pair of reading glasses to a person in need.  

Two other great things that make Diff unique are 1. Their designs are affordable and not overpriced  2. Diff designs are hot!  Click here to shop the latest from Diff and enjoy heading into Fall looking stylish as ever.  Giving back is always glamorous.  

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