How To Avoid Feathered Red Lips With Red Lipstick

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How To Avoid Feathered Red Lips With Red Lipstick

Chic red lips are hot no matter what season it is, what shade of red lipstick you use or what the current beauty trend is. But, when your favorite red lipstick starts to feather outside of your lip line and starts to look like its last night’s makeup, we’ve got a problem. Red hues can have quite an attitude but a little taming and discipline will keep it in its place. To avoid the feathered red lipstick look, follow these three easy steps below to keep your fiery red lips looking fresh and fierce.

1.  Dip a Q-tip (preferably Q-tips® Precision Tips™3)  into your liquid foundation and trace your lip line, filling in any and all small lines around the lips. Make sure it’s blended well before step 2.

2.  Use a lip liner to outline lips exactly where your lip line is. Refrain from making your lip line larger than it is. Drawing on your skin and not your lip will defeat the purpose of avoiding the red feathering. After outlining lips, color lips in with the liner. This will help your lipstick stay on longer.

3.  Apply lipstick.

There you have it. It’s really that easy to have glamorous and flawless red lips. Give it a try and share your photo with me on Instagram and tag me @glamorousmoms. I’ll be sure to give you some love!

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