Pure Bloom CBD Launches New Line

Hand Sanitizer: Pure Bloom CBD Launches New Line In Response To COVID-19 Outbreak

Pure Bloom CBD has launched a new hand sanitizer, in an effort to help the community combat COVID-19. The company’s founder, Wendy May Real is known for bridging the gap between wellness and beauty through her Pure Bloom CBD Skincare line and has recently launched a new hand sanitizer in response to the COVID-19 outbreak. She also recently announced she is donating a portion of proceeds to COVID-19 relief efforts to show her support for the community during this difficult time.

As hand washing has become the new norm, soaps and hand sanitizers are becoming more of a life necessity than ever before.  This pandemic has spotlighted the importance of practicing good hygiene and if done right, the consistant practice can save lives. Future forecasts suggest this trend will continue to increase and the personal care category will significantly expand. This new, category-defining personal care product combines the antiseptic power of 80% certified organic ethyl alcohol with the skin hydrating benefits of full spectrum CBD, cold-pressed hemp seed oil and vegetable-derived glycerin to leave your hands feeling soft and nourished after every use.

As with any new product release, consumers will have questions: Will the CBD molecules interact with the ethyl alcohol (ethanol) or make it less effective as an antiseptic to kill germs and bacteria? No, CBD molecules nor the other ingredients decrease the efficacy of the antiseptic or other chemical properties of the ethyl alcohol.

Does ethyl alcohol (ethanol) degrade (breakdown) the CBD molecules causing them to be less effective? No, the ethanol doesn’t degrade, change or impact the effectiveness of CBD, other cannabinoids or other ingredients. Additionally, ethanol is a well-known topical penetration enhancer, which means it can be used to increase the transdermal delivery of skin-loving ingredients directly into the skin including CBD molecules.

The new Pure Bloom hand sanitizer comes in two calming scents. Blissful Bloom is a floral blend of intoxicating aromatic flowers formulated to provide stress relief, balance and a soothing calm. Calming Citrus provides versatile scents of citrus fruits are known to be calming and uplifting during times of stress and anxiety.

Pure Bloom CBD is also doing it’s part to give back financially during the Coronavirus Crisis. The company will be donating a portion of profits to local organizations supporting vulnerable women, families and elderly patients who need food assistance and direct relief during this time.

Just as Pure Bloom CBD founder Wendy May Real cares about giving back to the community, she cares about what goes into her products. The brand new hand sanitizers include Organic Ethyl Alcohol, a powerful antiseptic. This formula contains 80% certified organic ethyl alcohol (ethanol) making it 99.9% effective against most common germs and bacteria. Although effective as a sanitizing ingredient, ethyl alcohol can also strip the skin of vital nutrients and natural oils, thus having a dehydrating effect on the skin. But, this “good alcohol” is also a well-known topical penetration enhancer, which means it can be used to increase the transdermal delivery and absorption of skin-loving ingredients into the skin including CBD molecules.

She also uses Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Extract – Exclusively made with 25 mg of Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Extract sourced from USDA certified organic hemp that won’t make you high. This multi-tasking molecule is known for its powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties; thus helping to calm inflammation, eliminate redness, soothe dehydrated skin and restore skin nutrition. It can also promote sensory calming and relaxation during times of stress, uncertainty and anxiousness. Another ingredient is Organic Hemp Seed Oil – This highly concentrated, cold-pressed oil is rich in potent antioxidants, vitamins A & E and the ultimate skin hydrators, omegas 3, 6 and 9. This lightweight oil reduces inflammation, hydrates and regulates normal oil production in the skin.

The product also includes Vegetable-Derived Glycerin – Derived from plant oils, this humectant is known for its ability to draw water into the outer layers of the skin and form a protective layer on the skin’s surface, helping to retain moisture and keep harmful chemicals & environmental elements out of the skin. This powerhouse ingredient also helps to repair and regenerate skin cells promoting cellular healing in deeper layers of the skin.

Consumers can find the product online at getpurebloom.com. Good Earth Natural Market is currently carrying the new hand sanitizer in stores and others will soon follow suit. 

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