Rothy’s Shoes and Handbags

Rothy’s Shoes and Handbags

Rothy’s is all about sustainability. Any brand that strives to save our oceans and sea life is a favorite of mine. Rothy’s is known for its special 3D knitting technology, which allows the opportunity to minimize waste. To date, they’ve utilized 66,633,351 water bottles for their designs. And, counting.

Rothy’s shoes are eco-friendly with two different sustainable outsoles. One is made with eco-friendly rubber, and the other uses luxe vegan leather. Each pair of shoes are created with a 3D knitting technique using ocean-bound marine plastic. If you haven’t worn them yet, you must get a pair. They’re known to be the most comfortable shoes on the market.

If your Rothy’s shoes get dirty, you can throw them in the washer, set the temperature to cold, and press start. Your Rothy shoes will come out looking brand new again. They make it easy to keep them clean!

When it comes to Rothy’s shoes, comfort comes to mind so don’t expect to see wedges and spiked heels. Rothy’s offers flats, walking shoes, and comfortable flip flops. All perfect for your next trip to Hawaii!

Rothy's Bag

As for Rothy’s handbags, I’m in love with how they are made, yes, but I also love the structure and durability of each bag. Rothy’s bags come in all sizes and shapes, offering a style for any occasion. Their durable bags are made with ocean-bound plastic collected within 30 miles of coastlines, and they’re also safe to throw in the washing machine as well!

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