6 Ways to Avoid Dry Skin: Simple Ways to Avoid Dry Skin Leaving Skin Soft and Supple.

6 Ways to Avoid Dry Skin: Simple Ways to Avoid Dry Skin Leaving Skin Soft and Supple.

Easy and inexpensive ways to care for your skin leaving it soft, supple, and gorgeous every day.

Dry skin is a common issue for many people. It’s no secret different climates, season changes, and the wrong beauty & diet habits are huge contributing factors to xerosis aka, dry skin. Follow these tips below to keep both your face and body soft, hydrated, and supple, rather than cracked, dry, and chapped.

6 Ways to Avoid Dry Skin

Use a Humidifier – Dry air can make moisture leave the skin. Putting a humidifier in the room can alleviate dry hair and skin. You can even place it near your bedside (equal to your pillows) overnight for great facial hydration.

Stay Hydrated – It’s true cells lose water throughout the day due to physical activity and pollution in the environment. When you see flaky skin with a dry texture you may then see fine lines, aging, and other skin conditions to follow. Along with the right beauty and skincare products, and getting ample sleep, be sure to hydrate by drinking plenty of water throughout the day to keep those nasty dry skin flakes away.

Avoid Alcohol – Alcohol is known to easily dehydrate the body as well as facial skin. The obvious answer to avoid this problem is to avoid alcohol. If you do choose to drink alcohol, be sure to hydrate with water before drinking and in-between alcoholic drinks. You can also hydrate your skin with a rejuvenating mask & treat yourself to a massage after a night out.

Use a Daily Moisturizer & Cleanser with Hydrating Properties – Moisturizing daily is important, especially if you live in a colder, dryer climate. Be sure to also opt for a gentle cleansing foam or oil for the face. Some micellar water cleansers are a good choice too!  For extremely dry facial skin, try a cleansing balm. Many cleansing balms are rich in formula-based butter that quickly soften & hydrate.

Exfoliate – Your skin naturally sheds unneeded dead skin to make room for new cells. Exfoliating is the best process of removing dead skin cells. Be sure to exfoliate once a week with a gentle exfoliator to bring out the soft and supple skin that’s underneath.

Check Your Medications: Some medications can dry out the skin in the most obvious ways. If your dry skin started the same time you started a particular medication, it could be the cause. Be sure to consult with your physician to get the best and safest remedy.

So there you go, six ways to avoid and treat dry skin. Do you have a home remedy or a favorite store-bought product you prefer to use for your dry skin? Share your advice in the comments below. I’d love to hear from you.

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