2021 Fashion Eyewear

2021 Fashion Eyewear – Are You Ready for Great Frames?

Yes, we are still on lockdown, and Zoom meetings are now a part of our daily routine. We went from full-on fashion from head-to-toe and sharing our favorite SOTD on social media to only wearing 1/2 an outfit with great hair and makeup and some good accessories. What people see on Zoom seems to be the only things we focus on when getting ready in the morning.

At least though, there’s one thing that can be agreed on – the bigger, the bolder, the better! Even if it is just for your top half. We want accessories that stand out within the limited screen space we are given. Great earrings, a great scarf or pin, a great jacket, and/or great frames on the face.

2021 is time to refresh your style. Yes, that means you even have to up your eyeglass game. Glasses have a major impact on your professional appearance — perhaps more than any other accessory. When there are limited tools to convey dynamism on a conference call, good frames are essential. Accordingly, opticians are seeing an increase in people looking for new frames. They are also noting a heightened interest in statement styles. The trends coming through this year include thick chunky shapes and styles, colored acetate, oversized, and with retro styling.

With this in mind, I wanted to share some of my favorite frames from Fashion Eyewear – perfect for making a statement in 2021.

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