FGI Beauty Symposium: Formulas for the Future

Formulas for the Future is an exciting FGI New York event coming June 28, 2023, at 8:30 pm aimed to bring theater experts, innovators, and enthusiasts in the beauty industry together to discuss the latest advancements in technology and their impact on the world of beauty. The symposium will be held at Hearst Tower located a West 57th St., New York, New York.

Mermaid Hair is Here!

Shannon Lazovski recommends Mermaid Hair. Apply it for natural waves, curl definition, and volume. Price: 2oz – $12 & 4oz – $20. This salt spray is unlike any other because it’s made with Jacobsen Sea Salt from Netarts Bay, right from the Oregon Coast where Cap’n Coconut is created and headquartered.

Essential Skincare Tips

Skin care is essential for a healthy, glowing complexion. Michigan beauty blogger Shannon Lazovski offers a few simple steps to keep your skin looking its best.