Research Reveals Six U.S. Cities Taking the Crown Amongst ‘World’s Most Fashionable Cities’

How Stylish is the USA? Research Reveals Six U.S. Cities Taking the Crown Amongst ‘World’s Most Fashionable Cities’. Did your Favorite City Make the Cut?

There are many fashionable cities around the world that are on my list to see & visit. Some I’ve already been to and can’t wait to go back and some are on my bucket list. In a recent study, six American cities were named among 30 of the world’s most fashionable.


The 10 Most ‘Fashionable’ Cities in the World & Their Fashion Score (out of ten points):

  1. Paris, France – Fashion score 6.38
  2. London, United Kingdom – Fashion score 5.68
  3. New York City, United States – Fashion score 5.31
  4. Milan, Italy – Fashion score – Fashion score 3.84
  5. Amsterdam, Netherlands – Fashion score 3.79
  6. Tokyo, Japan – Fashion score 3.47
  7. Venice, Italy – Fashion score 2.88
  8. Dubai, United Arab Emirates – Fashion score 2.84
  9. Florence, Italy – Fashion score 2.83
  10. Lisbon, Portugal – Fashion score 2.71

New York has obviously placed high in the list, but which other American cities live and breathe fashion? My friends at Jewellerybox have analyzed everything from fashion jobs to high fashion brands, to fashion magazine headquarters, and beyond to reveal the world’s most fashionable cities. Click here to see the full list and study results.

When it comes to how fashionable the U.S. is overall, the research reveals a few more of my favorite cities made the cut:

  • Ranking 3rd is New York, where every day is a fashion show. Overall, NYC is also the world’s 3rd best city for high fashion brands, the 2nd best for fashion magazine headquarters, and the 4th best for fashion school and #streetstyle Instagram Posts.
  • Los Angeles is at 13th place.
  • San Francisco is in 17th place.
  • Miami is placed in 19th place.
  • Chicago is in 35th place.
  • Boston is in 42nd place among 58 cities.

Among other interesting fashion city stats, the research reveals the following winning categories and cities:

  • The Most High Fashion Brands – London with 69 fashion houses.
  • The Most Fashion Jobs – Amsterdam with 51.2 job listings per 1,000 people.
  • The Most Fashion Schools – London with 7 fashion schools.
  • The Most Fashion Magazines – Tokyo with 17 fashion magazines.
  • The Most #streetstyle Instagram posts – Dubai with 476,287 recent hashtags.

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